Beer List: April 24-29.


  • Rye Ale. Spicy, copper colored ale with a clean finish.  4.6% ABV.
  • Lactose APA. Full bodied, with intense hop aroma.  4.4% ABV.
  • Some Lager. We brewed this amber lager a while back and discovered the name in a spiderweb in our basement. Wild. 3.5% ABV.
  • Open Source Brown. A dry brown ale with aromas of chocolate, strawberry and orange cream. 5.3% ABV.
  • Chinese 5 Spice Porter. Porter made with chinese 5 spice blend. Taproom favorite! 6.6% ABV. 
  • Irish Stout. Light bodied, roasty, snappy finish from a very small amount of lactic acid. 5.7% ABV. 
  • Earthbound Red. Our Irish Red! Renamed! Mineral notes, nice maltiness. 5.0% ABV.
  • Meteor IPA: Flagship IPA from the brewery least likely to have one. 5.0% ABV.
  • Lemongrass Gose. A slightly sour, slightly salty wheat beer made with lemongrass! 6.5% ABV. 
  • Cream Ale.  The original east coast response to STL’s lagering caves! It’s light and clean, for your relative that inevitably tries to order a Bud Light but somehow gets offended when we suggest Stag. 6.6% ABV.
  • Mint Eucalyptus IPA: Ryan worked this one up with Rebecca’s assistance, it’s a complex floral IPA that changes in flavor as it warms up. 6.3% ABV.
  • Second Lunch Pale Ale: It’s a pale ale!  It’s very good! 4.5% ABV.
  • Peat Anise Porter:  This porter pairs extremely deep star anise flavas with a top end of peat smoke  Not for beginners, but not made in Belleville. 5.0% ABV.


  • Beer! In cans! Meteor IPA and Irish Red! $10/4pk, $3 singles.

FOOD!  DUDES WE HAVE FOOD!  Sustainable barbecue from our friends at MOTHERSHIP.  Open Fridays 5-10PM, Saturdays Noon-10PM and Sundays Noon-6PM.

  • Corn Bread. Gojuchang butter. $4
  • Smoked Chicken Chili.  Cottage cheese, pickled daikon. cilantro. $5.
  • Smoked Kielbasa. Onions, yellow mustard, pork rinds. $9
  • Veggie Burger. Fontina, kewpie mayo, lettuce, red onion. $9
  • BBQ Pork Plate. Served with two sides. $13
  • Sides. Baked beans, potato salad, slaw. $3

Guest beers:

  • Seattle semi-sweet cider
  • Stag ($3 pour, for your uncle.)


  • James. Cabernet. California. $8.
  • Codice. Temperanillo. 2015. Spain. $8.
  • Wilderkrans. Chenin blanc. South Africa. $8.
  • Evolucio. Furmint Tokaj. Hungary. $8.
  • Claverach Farms. Pet-nat rose. EUREKA MISSOURI!!!!!!! $8.

Non alcoholic beverages:


  • Lapsang Souchong: Smoky black tea, tongue-numbing and perfect. $4
  • Peach Ginger: Strong start, long finish.  Just like the 7th game in the NBA finals. $4
  • Mash Cranberry Pear: This fruit-infused black tea will bring a little summer to your nose hairs and also your taste buds. $4
  • Keemun:  Mellow and floral black tea.  Folks, it’s a good one! $4

CUSTOM SODA from RYAN (he’s not a business he’s just a dude that works here)

  • Lavender $3
  • Juniper blood orange $3
  • Blueberry $3
  • Blueberry Mint $3