Rent us!

We love to throw parties!  Got a weird idea for a get together? DROP US A LINE!  Details on space rental below:

Total Rental.

Seating for 100 people across two levels, includes several toilets and a hand-built bar!

We can fit up to 100 inside and on the patio. We are happy to host your event any day of the week, but note that weekend events typically book quickly, so be sure to reserve early for that Friday or Saturday night function!

T/W/TH: $300/HR

FRI: $1600 FOR 4 HOURS

SAT: $2000 FOR 4 HOURS

SUN: $1600 FOR 4 HOURS

Email for availability.

The Mezzanine.

Our mezzanine allows you to look down on everyone in style!

Our floating mezzanine provides a one-of-a-kind event space for up to 50 people!  It’s a great set-up for office parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, anniversary parties, showers, etc.



For rentals and availability email

The Lagering Cellars.

PERFECT for cults!

Yes, we dug over one million pounds of dirt, clay, bones, etc out of some 19th century lagering cellars located 30 feet underneath our brewery. Yes, they are gorgeous. Yes, we’d like to host events down there.  Unfortunately they need some work before they can safely and luxuriously welcome the public. Until then, you can visit them on our tours, held most Saturdays at 2PM and 4PM.


You can’t actually get married in the cellars,
but you can take pictures with your sweetie in them!

Marriage: It’s a contract between you, your sweetie, and the state.  Trust me, I’m a lawyer. 

The wedding industry is a toxic cash grab designed to prey upon your insecurities, and that’s TOTAL BULLSHIT!  

Marriages are about making people pay attention to you, seeing all your friends and the family members you like in a single location, and getting nice kitchen appliances. HOWEVER: What should be a fun party planning experience turns into a horrible foot slog punctuated by recriminations, passive-aggressive behavior and the occasional screaming match. NOT CHILL AT ALL!

Why not give us a thousand dollars, invite your guests and let us do all the work?  Inspired by the Gram Parsons song, we have a thousand dollar wedding package perfect for the unconventional, the unconcerned, and the un-bought-in. 

  • Rental of the full taproom from Noon-3PM or 7PM-10PM on a Sunday (up to 100 guests)
  • Cash bar, we carry beer, wine, NA options and a limited cocktail list. You can run a bar tab for your guests if you want an open bar.
  • Cupcakes from Whisk Bakery. You even get to pick the flavor!
  • Attractive bridal bouquet, boutonniere and micro-arrangements from Alice Blue Collective. 
  • Bridal party photo shoot in the cellars before the wedding. We can borrow your phone and take a photo of you with it. One of your uncles or friends has a stupid expensive camera, NOW’S THEIR TIME TO SHINE.
  • Bring your own officiant, or if you want, the owner will officiate because he’s been ordained by the church of the sub genius. He’s done at least three weddings and they are all still married so he must be pretty good at it.
  • You can DJ or we can DJ, whatever.  We’re trying to make this easy for all parties.

For just ten benjamins you can go from “more-than-roommates” to “married-or-eloped, I guess?” with style, ease and speed! WHAT A DEAL!  

We can throw you a thousand dollar wedding with one week’s notice! WOW! You’ll definitely be the talk of the town with this avant-garde approach to finally getting a Kitchen-Aide!

ACT NOW!  Email to get started!


The Fattened Caf runs a Filipino BBQ restaurant out of our kitchen and they would love to cater your wedding. They are affordable and excellent! If you insist on outside catering on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday event you may do so by paying a buyout fee. For Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday events you may bring in outside food.