Beer List: August 30-September 3.


  • Cloven Stout.  Pitch black and full of cloves. 7.2% ABV.
  • Cardamom Pepper Tea Blonde. Much better than its dark universe alternate the Cardigan Prepper Toe Blande. 5.7% ABV.  
  • Mint Eucalyptus IPA. Turns out mint and eucalyptus have many of the same aromatic compounds as hops, so we made an IPA with them. Front of house manager Ryan’s first beer recipe OUR BABY IS ALL GROOOOOOWN.  7.5% ABV.   
  • Dad Evader double IPA.  This variant on our terribly popular Tax Evader is an homage to the original “dadbeer” of the early nineties–the American wheat. Lots of white wheat malt and german ale yeast make this a relatively crushable double IPA. 9.2% ABV. 
  • ~SPACE DREAM~. Pilsner malt. Alfalfa honey. Lavender (no hops). Blackberries. IT’S THE FUTURE, CHAD. 7.7%ABV.  *EXTRA RARE*
  • Cucumber Pepper Kolsch. What it sounds like.  Everyone makes a face until they try it, then they make a better face. 6.5% ABV.
  • Hopped Wheat. Halfway between an American Wheat and an IPA, this sesh is so fresh it’s make you feel like John Tesh. 5.9% ABV. 
  • American Wheat. The original dadbeer! 5.3% ABV. 

On deck: The Sesh, Wet Look IPA, Thai Basil IPA. Splash Party Saison