Beer List: January 27-January 31.

  • Black Wit:  A light, refreshing witbier (wheat, coriander and orange peel) turned dark and mordant through specialty grains, coldbrew coffee and unending cynicism about the state of the world. I BLAME SOCIETY. 7% ABV, 11 IBU, 29 SRM. LAST KEG ALERT
  • Stuart’s Super Cool IPA 420 Mannnnnnnn: We’re never going to have a house IPA and we’re tired of naming IPAs “IPA” and we don’t give a shit how difficult it is to find on Untappd.  This one’s got a bright, golden body and El Dorado, Cascade and Chinook hops. 6.2% ABV, 62 IBU, 8 SRM. 
  • Rosemary Juniper Pale Ale: Our head brewer’s favorite beer! Rosemary, juniper, rye.  Thanksgiving in a glass.  6.2% ABV, 25 IBU, 15 SRM.
  • Mahlab ESB: Like a pale ale, but maltier!  Crisp cereal finish with a complex spiciness from the pits of St. Lucie cherries. 6.5% ABV, 37 IBU, 10 SRM.
  • Irish Red Ale: Some “expert” on a beer-rating website said it tasted like drinking water out of a dirty garden hose.  We get where he’s coming from, but it’s pretty good and people drink a lot of it. WHATEVERRRR.  5% ABV, 31 IBU, 12 SRM. 
  • Tax Evader: Based on the long-standing tradition of tax evasion among British ale brewers, this giant IPA is brewed with a significant amount of jaggery (a semi-refined sugar used by British brewers to avoid taxes on malted barley in the 18th and 19th century) and a huge amount of citra hops.  Marshmallow and rum notes with a nice hoppy finish. 11%ABV, 70 IBU, 9 SRM. 
  • Slam Dunkel: We took our traditional dunkelweizen recipe and TURNT UP the rich chocolate.  Delightful! 5.5% ABV, 14 IBU, 28 SRM.  
  • Pumpkin Gose:  Ever wondered why all pumpkin beers taste like sweet garbage?  It’s the pumpkin pie spice.  We did you a favor and omitted it.  Salty, slightly sour, full creamy mouthfeel (what pumpkin actually adds to beer).   5.3% ABV, 6 IBU, 7 SRM. LAST KEG ALER

On deck: WHITE KNUCKLE, Spruce Gruit, Open Source Brown, Lord Beefer, Pecan Chicory Stout, Scotch Ale.