Beer List: July 5-9.

  • Belgian Cream Ale.  Light bodied with a clean grain flavor an an excellent Belgian aroma. 6.0% ABV.
  • Pomegranate Cucumber Gose. Pilot run for an upcoming collaboration with Sliced Pint! It’s very refreshing! 6.1% ABV.  
  • Ozark Cedar IPA. We strained the wort through cedar branches from Ste. Genevieve (an old Finnish trick) to give this IPA extra strong pine aroma. It rules.  6.81% ABV.  
  • Royal Basil IPA.  It’s like the Thai Basil IPA except higher gravity and more full-bodied. Thought we’d sneak in a variant before it got too hot outside. 8.1% ABV. 
  • Dead Druid King. It’s baaaaaaaack! Black wheat beer brewed with oak leaves instead of hops. Based on tomb findings from 800 BC Bavaria. SKULL BEER. 8.0%ABV. 
  • Jeffeweizen. Traditional German style wheat beer. Not made with any Jeff-derived materials. 4.6% ABV.
  • Dry Brown. This brown finishes crisp and dry, making it an excellent early summer libation. 5.2% ABV. 
  • English Summer Ale. Bright, rereshing ale brewed with citrus and ginger, our take on a style invented in the 80s by Brits who evidently like going to the beach, despite generally having the pallor of vampires. 5.7% ABV. 

On deck: Tax Evader, Hopped Wheat, Second Lunch Pale Ale