Beer List: July 6-10.

  • Tomahawk Slam Dunkel: Chocolate malts do a crushing 360 slam dunk of flavor on your poor beleaguered taste buds in this hefty, clean dark wheat beer. CRUSH OR GET CRUSHED.  6.8% ABV
  • Session Evader: This is a session double IPA, a slightly less-menacing take on our popular Tax Evader. Brilliant red hue, slightly roasty flavor with sweet notes from jaggery, soft fruit belma and cascade hop aroma. 8.2% ABV
  • Sonnet IPA: Clean, British IPA with a neutral grainbill, lots of English Sonnet hops (providing a nice herbal bitterness) and some mild stonefruit esters from a classic British yeast strain. 5% ABV
  • Raspberry Gruét: She ordered Raaaaspberry gruét/a hopless wheat with fruit in store/she ordered raaaaaaaspbery gruét/the cinnamon and sumac added so much more.  6% ABV.
  • Kentucky Common: Moonshiners used to take a portion of their sour mash, boil it with some burnt barley and produce a refreshing, tart brown ale for consumption on long hot still-working days.  This is an homage to all the hobby distillers that (illegally) made America great. And Drunk. 6.6% ABV.
  • Cucumber Chili Kolsch: Your boy (or girl rather) crazy for this one–clean, crisp refreshing kolsch, dosed with chili piquin and cucumber.  Delightful work by Rebecca. 4.5% ABV.
  • Bilberry Berliner: A variant on our popular Berliner Weiss, this sour wheat beer has tart notes from dried bilberries, the bluerberry’s English cousin.  5.4% ABV.
  • Splash Party Saison:  Bright, summer saison with a slight tropical heat and subdued green-apple tartness.  Pure summer.  5.3% ABV.

On deck: Saxon Saison.