Beer List: March 1-5.

  • Dunkel: Chewy dark wheat beer, tastes a bit like chocolate.  6.1% ABV.
  • Rye E.S.B.: Malty, sessionable ale with a pleasing, spicy character from the rye.. 5.6% ABV  
  • Divine Hag: Scotch ale! Big ol ruby colored beverage with a delightful peat smoke aroma. 8.6% ABV. LAST KEG ALERT
  • Weizenbock:   Huge wheat beer, full bodied and loaded with robust-ass flavors. As opposed to robust ass flavors. Punctuation matters.  8.0% ABV. 
  • Belgian Dubbel: It’s a dubbel! Belgian yeast, amber color, bubbles. 8.2% *ABV. LAST KEG ALERT*
  • Second Lunch Pale Ale: It’s a pale ale!  Other ales pale in comparison. 4.6% ABV. 
  • Coffee Midnite Mass: A variant of our blackest, thickest, roastiest stout, featuring deep-roasted Indonesian coffee from COMA coffee in Richmond Heights.  People are snagging growlers of this stuff so fast our heads are spinning! 8.0% ABV. *LAST KEG ALERT*
  • Tax Evader:  The beast is back! Named after the old British practice of adding sugar to the boil kettle to avoid malt tax, this massive IPA is made with jaggery, a semi-refined Indian sugar (that tastes like toasted marshmallows) and an extremely generous addition of columbus, chinook and cascade hops (which smell like weed, pinecones and citrus, respectively). 11.5% ABV.O

    n deck: Juniper Strong Ale, Cedar Sahti, Weizen, Lavender gruit, Pecan Chicory Stout,