Beer List: May 1-May 7.


Five Dollar Beers

Honey Wheat.  American-style wheat beer made with wildflower honey. 4.6% ABV. 16oz pour. 

Open Source Brown.  This dry, light brown ale is brewed with Belma hops, which provide strawberry and orange cream aromas. 5.3% ABV. 16oz pour. 

Cream Ale.  An early East Coast response to the classic German lager. Smooth, light and crisp. 5.2% ABV. 16oz pour.

Irish Red. Our best selling beer. Traditional, malty, crisp mineral finish. 5.0% ABV. 16oz pour.

Rye Peppercorn. This golden beauty pairs spicy notes from rye with the complex, delightful aroma of telicherry peppercorns. 5.2% ABV. 16oz pour.

Meteor IPA. Flagship IPA from the brewery least likely to have one. 5.1% ABV. 16oz pour..

The Luminary Counterlager.  This sessionable Belgian amber ale was brewed with masa (Mexican corn flour) in collaboration with The Luminary as part of their Counterpublic triennial. Much like art, it subverts expectations. 4.2% ABV. 16oz pour.

Six Dollar Beers

Mahlab ESB.  This Extra Special Bitter is made extra special by Mahlab, the pits of Ste. Lucie cherries. Used in Turkish baked goods, this beer has a sweet, spicebread aroma but a crisp, bitter finish. 5.2% ABV. 16oz pour.

New World Stout.  This gruit (hopless beer) is made entirely with “new world” spices. Vanilla and sasparilla combine with ancho and chipotle peppers to create a complex and robust flavor profile. 10.4% ABV. 12oz pour. 

Precocious Cowboy. Gose brewed with apricot, lots of springtime jammitude in this tart bevvy! 4.5% ABV. 12oz pour.

AIPA. This copper-colored IPA is aggressively hopped and dry-hopped with Loral hops, which give the beer a unique floral and herbal aroma 7.4% ABV. 12oz pour.

Peanut Better Porter.  A sessionable porter made with lactose and dehydrated peanut butter that we toasted before use. It’s better than peanut butter. It’s peanut better.  4.40% ABV. 16oz pour.

Doing it Extreme IPA. This EXTREME IPA is made with Simcoe and Amarillo hops, orange peels and coriander. DO IT EXTREME and drink this beer! 6.0% ABV. 16oz pour. 


Seattle Cider. It’s a semi-dry cider, made in Seattle. Gluten free. 6.0% ABV. 12oz pour. $6

Stag. Belleville’s greatest contribution to human history. 5.0% ABV. 16oz pour. $3