Beer List: November 9-13.


  • Biere de Garde: Clean, tucked-in Belgian ale.  5.3% ABV.
  • Gratzer: Pronounced “Great Sir.” It’s a smoked wheat beer with hella yeast character. 5.1% ABV 
  • Divine Hag: It’s a scotch ale!  Malty, peaty, stong. Lean in to this ruby colored beverage!   8.9% ABV
  • Evader in the Rye:  Similar to our tax evader double IPA, except it’s a surly loner full of bitterness and rye, the most obnoxious of brewing grains.  10% ABV. 
  • Basketball Move: Big ol’ dunkelweizen. Rich, dark wheat beer with chocolate and slight roast malt notes. 6.4% ABV. 
  • Irish Stout: Dry, roasty, crisp.  Just like the Irish. 4.3% ABV.
  • Birch Porter: This porter has it all.  3.5 car garage, half bath inside a full bath, 19 bedrooms, absurdly oversized portico, the works.  It’s also got some birch bark in it, so it smells and tastes very subtly of root beer. 6.3% ABV. 
  • Star Anise Porter:  Formerly known as the Peat and Anise porter, enter this dark, peaty beer and confront your fear of licorice flavors. If u  face your fears w/ imperfect courage u will be destroyed.  5.0% ABV.  *LAST KEG ALERT*

On deck: pale ale