Patio Draft List as of 10.16.2020


Meteor IPA.  Flagship IPA from the brewery least likely to have one. Popular in France. 5.1% ABV. 16oz pour. 

Earthbound Blonde.  Our flagship blonde has a beguiling aroma thanks to cardamom and telicherry black pepper and a refreshing, crisp finish thanks to black tea added at the end of the boil. 4.50% ABV. 16oz pour. 

Irish Red.  This dry, light brown ale is brewed with Belma hops, which provide strawberry and orange cream aromas.  5.2% ABV. 16 oz pour.

All-Purpose Pilz  We did it! We made a lager! Polish-inspired pilsner. Very crisp, Pronounced hop bitterness. 4.2% ABV. 16oz pour.

Space Dream.  This braggot (barley and honey beverage) is brewed with copious amounts of wildflower honey and lavender, then fermented on blackberries. Available in bombers, too!  6.9% ABV. 16oz pour.

Jeff Goldplum.  Mixed-culture fermentation made with plums and sumac. OG taproom favorite, best label artwork we have ever done, etc.  8.0% ABV. 16 oz pour

Interstate Cowboy Cherry limeade gose made with lactose. DUUUUUDE! It’s so good! 6.9% ABV. 16 oz pour.

Thai Basil IPA. Very light bodied IPA made with jaggery (a semi-refined date sugar) and a generous quantity of thai basil, for aroma. 6.0% ABV. 16 oz pour.

Chicken and Waffles Blonde This blonde ale is made with rye malt, smoked paprika and fenugreek (which smells like maple sytrup). A little bit of salt adds richness. Have it for breakfast! 5.7% ABV. 16 oz pour.

Dead Druid King. It’s back! Based on Bavarian tomb findings from 800BC, this black wheat beer is bittered with oak leaves instead of hops. Complex and slightly sour, released only once a year. 7.0% ABV. 16oz pour.

Gruit out of Hell. Inspired by one of the greatest albums of all time, our only pumpkin beer is made with beets, sumac, yarrow and chipotle peppers. 5.0% ABV. 16 oz pour.