Beer List: April 26-30.

  • Evader in the Rye: Huge double IPA made with generous additions of Columbus hops and jaggery, a semi-refined sugar from India.  12.2% ABV.
  • Biere de Garde: ERMAHGERD! Less Belgian-y than most Belgian beers, more Belgian-y than most non-Belgian beers. 6.62% ABV  
  • Copper Ale: Sessionable American ale with a copper colored body and pronounced strawberry aroma from Belma hops. 6.6% ABV. 
  • Ozark Common:  Kettle Soured brown ale based off an old moonshiners’ recipe. Slight roastiness, light body.  5.6% ABV. 
  • Blueberry Blonde: A variant on our Basic Blonde (itself a variant on our Cardamom Pepper Tea Blonde, life is weird) made with 80 lbs of fresh blueberries. 7.3% ABV. 
  • New World Stout: Gruit bittered with vanilla, sarsaparilla root and ancho chiles. Tastes like smooth, smokey, velvety root beer. 10.3% ABV.
  • Springtime Blonde: Bone dry crushable blonde ale with an herbal finish. 5% ABV. *LAST KEG ALERT*
  • Horseradish gruit:  This hopless witbier is seasoned with horseradish, yarrow and orange peel. It was supposed to be grapefruit peel but we forgot until the last minute. Anyway, this beer still rules pretty hard. 4.37% ABV. *LAST KEG ALERT*

On deck: Witbier, dry porter, many other things.