Beer List: Aug 24-28.

  • Thai Basil IPA: Bright, refreshing IPA with a deep licorice-like aroma from a generous addition of Thai basil.  5.8% ABV.
  • Sage GruWit: A witbier bittered with sage and yarrow instead of hops!  Very popular when it debuted last year, we’re jazzed to bring it back! 6.0% ABV.
  • Fuzzy Pickles: A higher-strength gose (salty, slightly sour wheat beer brewed with coriander) dry-hopped with sorachi ace, a hop varietal that smells like dill and lemongrass.  So good it will make you want to pose for a picture!  6.36% ABV
  • Eucalyptus Mint IPA: An experiment based on a concept by Ryan, our front-of-house manager.  We use columbus and cascade hops for bittering our traditional pale ale grain bill, then create the aroma of hops via eucalyptus (herbal and woody) and mint (minty).  It’s got an almost Fernet like aroma, except not disgusting. 6.88% ABV.
  • Tax Evader: Huge double IPA brewed with jaggery and a truly staggering quantity of columbus and cascade hops.  Our most brewed (and asked for) beer! 11.5% ABV.
  • Apricot Gose: Y’ALLL IT’S BACK. Slightly salty, sour wheat beer with coriander.  Bright fruit character from the many apricots we sacrificed to the fermentation gods. 5.31% ABV.
  • Blueberry Saison: Our splash party saison, fermented with blueberries.  It’s really hot in the brewhouse, we’re on fruit beers right now.  6.56% ABV.
  • Summer Stout:  Based on Stuart’s secret blackberry pie recipe.  Rich, dry stout with a tart finish from blackberries and a smoky depth from cloves.  WHOOPS SECRET IS OUT.  6.1% ABV.

On deck: Jeff Goldplum, Hopped Wheat, Black Wit, Lavendar Braggot.