Beer List: Aug 31-Sep 4.

  • Thai Basil IPA: Bright, refreshing IPA with a deep licorice-like aroma from a generous addition of Thai basil.  5.8% ABV.
  • Wheat IPA: Is it a wheat beer? Is it an IPA?  IT’S BOTH! MAGIC! 4.8% ABV.
  • Fuzzy Pickles: A higher-strength gose (salty, slightly sour wheat beer brewed with coriander) dry-hopped with sorachi ace, a hop varietal that smells like dill and lemongrass.  So good it will make you want to pose for a picture!  6.36% ABV
  • Black Wit: Crisp witbier with black malt and coffee from Kuva coffee. 3.8% ABV.
  • Apricot Gose: Y’ALLL IT’S BACK. Slightly salty, sour wheat beer with coriander.  Bright fruit character from the many apricots we sacrificed to the fermentation gods. 5.31% ABV.
  • Lavender Bragger: Alfalfa honey provides half the fermentables in this strong smooth gruit bittered with lavender. Brewed in collaboration with the National Honey Board as part of the Honey Beer Summit. 10.8% ABV.
  • Jeff Goldplum: We were so preoccupied with whether we could figure out a hop-free saison fermented on plums and rosehips that we didn’t stop to think about whether we should.  Beer…finds a way. 7.34% ABV.
  • Slam Dunkel:  Rich chocolate maltiness in a wheat beer? HELL YEAH BROTHERRRRRRRRRR.  6.8% ABV.

On deck: Cardamom Pepper Tea Blonde, Wet Look IPA.