Beer List: Sept. 21-25.


  • Root Gruit: Hop-free ale seasoned with traditional root beer herbs: sarsaparilla leaves, vanilla, licorice root, juniper berries and spearmint.  Pronounced “Rut grut”. Drinks like a very dry root beer.  3.8% ABV.
  • Wheat IPA: Is it a wheat beer? Is it an IPA?  IT’S BOTH! MAGIC! 4.8% ABV.
  • Belgian Golden Ale: Smooth golden ale with subtle spicy banana and clove notes from the yeast. I am not about to write a novel for this guy, it’s good so drink it.   7.1% ABV
  • Dark Mild:  Traditional British style, highly sessionable and pleasant. Molasses adds color and bite. 5.6% ABV.
  • Second Lunch: This pale ale thick af y’all.  We expected it to be crisp fall weather so we made a super full-bodied pale ale with some lactose added for extra mouth feel. WHY IS IT STILL 90 DEGREES OUTSIDE? Fuck global warming. 5.6% ABV.
  • Lavender Braggot: Alfalfa honey provides half the fermentables in this strong smooth gruit bittered with lavender. Brewed in collaboration with the National Honey Board as part of the Honey Beer Summit. 10.8% ABV.
  • #Basic Blonde: It’s blonde, it’s thin-bodied, it’s uncomplicated.  Like Sven, that ski instructor with the abs.  You know who I’m talking about. The kind of guy who would ask “So like, do you like music and stuff?” 4.5% ABV.
  • Tax Evader:  I could write the spiel I write for this every three weeks about jaggery and history and blahblahblah but really I’ve been reading some books about lizard people lately and I think I should take time to warn you about how they have infiltrated all levels of our government, hopefully I’ll be able to tell the world befor—.  11.0% ABV.

On deck: Birch Farmhouse, Whatever IPA, Brown Gruit, Oktober Evader.