Beer List: August 9-13.

  • Plum gose.  This gose (slightly sour, salty wheat beer) was brewed with coriander and fermented on fresh plums. Plum gose? More like plum good. 5.9% ABV.
  • 2nd Lunch Pale Ale. Extremely solid flagship pale ale from the brewery least likely to have one. 5.6% ABV.  
  • Chicken and Waffles Blonde. This festival favorite is made with neither chicken nor waffles, yet manages to taste like both. LIFE IS A MYSTERY.  6.2% ABV.   
  • Splash Party Saison.  A bright French-style saison that ups the refreshingness (that’s totally a word) factor with grains of paradise and a little bit of malic acid. 6.7% ABV. 
  • Sage Gruit. This gruit drinks a bit like a witbier, but was bittered with yarrow, sage and coriander rather than stinky ol hops. 5.47%ABV. 
  • Sunflower Hefe. This smooth, rich hefeweizen is amber in color and was produced with the cooperation of malted sunflower seeds, the corporation for public broadcasting and drinkers like you. 5.2% ABV.
  • Hopped Wheat. Halfway between an American Wheat and an IPA, this sesh is so fresh it’s make you feel like John Tesh. 5.9% ABV. 
  • Thai Basil IPA. This light, sunny IPA benefits from a generous late-boil addition of Thai basil. 6.0% ABV. 

On deck: Cucumber Pepper Kolsch. American Wheat, Cloven Stout.