Beer List Jan 22-Jan 25

Please note:  We are closed this Wednesday for a private event.

  • Belgian Pale Ale:  A medium-bodied pale ale with a slightly silky texture, a nose full of banana and pepper, a pruny, toffee-like backbone and a refreshing, balanced bitterness.  5%ABV, 22 IBU, 14 SRM.
  • Peat and Anise Porter: Deep brown/black, full-bodied (on accident! It was supposed to be 4.5%ABV), leather, smoke and licorice notes. 6.2% ABV, 18 IBU, 30 SRM.
  • Scotch Ale: Malty, toffee sweetness, full mouthfeel and lingering peat smokiness. 7.5% ABV, 16 IBU, 22 SRM.
  • Potentially two more.