Beer List: June 1-5.

  • Jeffeweizen: Traditional wheat beer with plenty of banana notes from the traditional German yeast strain.  Clean, soft, smells like fruit.  Just like Jeff.  4.7% ABV
  • Dead Druid King: Our most hype beer of all time, on for one keg only (the rest is going to Heritage Festival).  Hopless black wheat beer brewed with oak leaves, based on some ancient-ass brewing history from Bavaria.  Original recipe was legit found in a tomb. 9.4% ABV ONLY KEG ALERT
  • Cardamom Pepper Tea Blonde: Springlike, refreshing blonde ale with spicy aromas of black pepper and cardamom, the tea adds a nice dry finish. 5.3% ABV
  • Ginger Yarrow Gruit: Our original hop-free beer, back on draft!  Clean, light malt body with a complex earthy and spicy flavor/aroma profile.  Contains ginger, yarrow and birdseye peppers.  Live a little.  5.3% ABV.
  • Extinction Level 630: Made in collaboration with Still 630, this heavier, darker variant of our popular Tax Evader double IPA was aged in a Rally Point Rye barrel for 3 months.  Strong, hoppy, spicy.  It’s probably what killed the dinosaurs.  12.00% ABV. 
  • Belgian Cream Ale: Bright, refreshing smooth blonde ale with plenty of banana and clove aroma from Belgian yeast.  5.3% ABV.
  • Dry Porter: This porter is thin, dry, roasty and smoky, great for when you want a dark beer but you’re all UGH I JUST ATE TOO MANY BURGERS YALL WHY AM I SO SWEATY or maybe it’s just hot outside calm down.  4.98% ABV. LAST KEG ALERT
  • Fuzzy Pickles:  A gose (sour, salty wheat beer spiced with coriander) dry-hopped with Sorachi Ace, a Japanese hop varietal that smells like dill and lemongrass. It’ll make you want to pose for a photo!  6.6% ABV.On deck:  Chicken and Waffles, English Summer Ale.