Beer List: June 24-28.

  • Thai Basil IPA:  Bright and sunny with a soft sweetness that balances the Pacific NW hops and the delightfully dark licorice notes of thai basil.  Crisp and crushable.  6.3% ABV, 47 IBU, 6 SRM 
  • Smoked Missouri Common: Based on a beer made by Appalachian moonshiners.  Light bodied, slightly sour brown ale with a powerful smoky character–it’s like you’re operating a still in a holler somewhere!  6.5% ABV, 22 IBU, 14 SRM.  
  • Fuzzy Pickles:  A slightly salted wheat beer with a dill/lemongrass aroma.  Savory and refreshing, it will make you want to pose for a photograph! 5% ABV, 40 IBU, 6 SRM.
  • Dunkel:  A traditional German dark wheat beer.  Soft and full of caramel and chocolate malt notes.  INCREDIBLY DRINKABLE.  5% ABV, 13IBU, 22SRM.
  • Oat and Apple:  A collaboration with Apple Knockers Cidery in Cobden, IL!  All oat malt and noble hops, with a generous addition of unfermented cider!  It’s dry, slightly apple-ine in nature, very refreshing and naturally gluten free. 6% ABV, 53 IBU, 3 SRM.  Note:  We didn’t send this off to a lab for analysis so technically we have to call it “gluten reduced” instead of “gluten free.”
  • Rye Table Beer:  High-rye low-gravity beer.  Brown. Refreshing.  Slightly smoky.  Tastes like rye. 2.5% ABV, 21 IBU, 18 SRM.
  • Sake Yeast Pale Ale:  This rich, full, plummy pale ale was brewed with nelson sauvin and green bullet hops and fermented with a sake yeast.  A very unique, enjoyable imbibation. 5% ABV, 58 IBU, 8 SRM.
  • Ozark Cedar IPA: A collaboration with Charleville Brewing down in Ste. Genevieve!  Wheat IPA brewed with cedar branches.  Refreshing, soft-bodied, delightful cedar-and-hop aroma. 5.8% ABV, 43 IBU, 7 SRM.