Beer List:

BWOOP BWOOP We’re tapping Extinction Level, a more-intense variant of our Tax Evader aged in Rally Point Rye barrels THIS FRIDAY at 6PM. BWOOP CARRY ON CITIZEN

  • Black Tax Evader:  A dark and roasty variant of our popular Tax Evader Double IPA. 11% ABV. LAST KEG ALERT
  • Berliner Weiss: A higher-gravity take on the refreshing German sour.  Napoleon’s troops referred to it as “the champagne of the North.”  No Wellingtons allowed. 5.5% ABV
  • X-TREME IPA: Indisputable fact–IPAs are the mountain dew and doritos of beer.  So we made an IPA with a popular beverage boiled down into a syrup.  BYO flavor-blasted corn products.  5.5% ABV
  • Thai Basil IPA: Y’ALL IT’S BACK.  Bright. Crisp. A hint of jaggery.  Aroma of thai basil that pairs perfectly with the American hops used to bitter the beer. One of our three most-asked for beers.  6.6% ABV.
  • Mint Julip Gruit: Are you ready for Derby Day?  We sure as hell aren’t because we don’t pay attention to rich people hobbies.  We made this hopless beer that showcases the flavor harmonies of mint and lime.  It’ll make you want to wear a big stupid hat or something. 4.20% (lol) LAST KEG ALERT
  • Cardamom Pepper Tea Blonde: WDry and refreshing like a summer beer, but containing a subtle spicy aroma like a winter beer.  Perfect for hot, cold or inbetween weather.  4.7% ABV.
  • Dry Porter: This porter is thin, dry, roasty and smoky, great for when you want a dark beer but you’re all UGH I JUST ATE TOO MANY BURGERS YALL WHY AM I SO SWEATY or maybe it’s just hot outside calm down.  4.98% ABV.
  • Ozark Cedar IPA:  You ever tried a restrained, wheat-bodied IPA?  You ever tried a restrained, wheat-bodied IPA ON CEEEEEDAR?  Dudes this thing smells straight up like pine and nectarines.  Best IPA.  6.6% ABV.

On deck: Jack shit, you guys keep buying us out of beer and we’ve been hustling to keep up. It’s the best problem in the world to have, thank you for jiving on our art so hard!  On the horizon:  Belgian Cream Ale, Ginger Yarrow Gruit (!), Fuzzy Pickles (!!), Dead Druid King (!!!).  Reminder that we’ve implemented a bunch of process improvements since the last time we brewed these.  The originals were great, the new ones are MIND BLOWING.