Beer List: March 16-20

  • Red IPA:  Gorgeous color, rich mouthfeel, earthy bitterness, soft fruit aroma.  What’s not to love? 5.3% ABV, 59 IBU, 17 SRM. 
  • Cinna Saison: Delicate saison yeast paired with cinnamon and lightly caramel specialty malts. 5.7% ABV, 14 IBU, 13 SRM. 
  • Red Gruit: It’s got the same color and mouthfeel as the Red IPA (because it’s the same grain bill),but instead of Belma and Columbus hops we bittered the beer with cinnamon, yarrow and sumac.  Fantastico!  5.5% ABV, 0 IBU, 17 SRM.
  • Toasted Coconut Gose: TSlightly sour, slightly salty wheat beer rounded out with toasty coconut flavors.  6.3% ABV, 6 IBU, 3 SRM.
  • Tax Evader: Based on the long-standing tradition of tax evasion among British ale brewers, this giant IPA is brewed with a significant amount of jaggery (a semi-refined sugar used by British brewers to avoid taxes on malted barley in the 18th and 19th century) and a huge amount of citra hops.  Marshmallow and rum notes with a nice hoppy finish. 11% ABV, 70 IBU, 9 SRM. 
  • Witbier: It’s bright, it’s begian-y, it’s got a wheat body and it’s got coriander and orange peel. It’s a witbier! 4.5% ABV, 8 IBU, 4 SRM.  
  • Rosemary Juniper Pale Ale: Robust, spicy rye notes, woody flavor and aroma, dry juniper finish.  7.1% ABV, 25 IBU, 15 SRM.  
  • Chinese 5 Spice Porter  Rich and chocolately malt build with a delicate blend of heat, perceived sweetness, bitterness, earthiness and numbingness from a traditional spice blend.  Think we’re full of shit? Try it and see!   5.1% ABV, 32 IBU, 32 SRM. 

On deck:  Kvass, Pale Ale, PCS